The Innovation Game

Want to understand what separates successful innovators from those who try and fail?  A “recipe”, with eight key ingredients, seems to be the answer…

Innovation seems to be among the favorite yet most elusive discussion & action subjects globally. This blog includes several posts, which try to approach it from different angles, including it’s necessity in Media (“Innovate or…?”), a discussion on whether big companies can play this game (“Is innovation from big Companies possible?”) as well as the list of most innovative companies in the world in 2014 & 2013.

A recent McKinsey report tries to shed some light in the common innovation features / decisions / approach followed by those deemed successful in “The Innovation Game”!

They’ve narrowed these essential Innovation ingredients to the following 8:


These 8 essentials are brought to life in the following presentation by McKinsey principal Nathan Marston, who explains why innovation is increasingly important to driving corporate growth (click on the image to view the video).


You can read the full report & see the results of a global survey of 2,500 executives by clicking on the image below:


Innovation = new way of thinking


And as the great Albert Einstein elegantly put it new way of thinking is a necessity…




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