Innovate or …?

What happens when The New York Times asks the hard questions about its future?

The answer is a 97 page report on Innovation (!!!) which should serve as a template for all traditional Publishers, who have gradually seen their circulation declining and new offsprings of the digital era such as the Huffington Post or even Flipboard winning fans & advertising dollars…

It all begins with setting two clear goals / dimensions for shaping the future growth, namely:



The report contains a brief discussion of NYT’s competitors, followed by specific suggestions, on how the aforementioned goals will be met. A high level overview can be found in the following diagram:

NYT_exhibit01This is just the tip of the iceberg though – going through “The full New York Times Innovation Report” is really a worthwhile endeavor. Just click on the first page below and gain access to consolidated knowledge from one of the greatest journalism establishments of the world!



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