To CDO or not to CDO?

You’ve probably heard the term CDO and most likely are quite perplexed, about what it means & what it does…

Do you need one for your business? If so exactly what is the role description and what should you expect from your CDO?

I’ve had the privilege, of being at the forefront of digital transformation in many organizations, way before the CDO term came into the light (or en vogue)…

CDO is just the new term, for a phenomenon, that has been “brewing” for the last two decades – the fact that technology & digitization, are becoming an integral part of our daily lives & activities, both on an individual, as well as on a corporate level.

So I’ve tried to explain the phenomenon (need / problem) and the result (potential solution) in conjunction with some valuable lessons learned in the following presentation…

So what do you think? Do you need a CDO? DO you have an existing person in your team, capable of filling the role?

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