The most innovative companies in 2014

Who made the list this year?

As we’re getting ready to enter Q4 2014 it’s time to review the most innovative companies ( take a look at last year’s list here )

The Boston Consulting Group just released their annual review and before diving deep to see the participants let’s see the overall trends & shifts in innovation – in terms of priorities & spending plans – by industry:


The Media & Entertainment industry has a major change in how it perceives the importance of innovation. The latest “seismic” effects of media channels digitization in conjunction with the advent of automated (a.k.a. Programmatic) trading at rapid pace might be part of the explanation…

Without further delays then, let’s take a look at the top 50 most innovative companies for 2014:


It’s quite interesting to also view where the top 10 new entrants in the list are coming from ( half of them are US based companies)


What are the characteristics behind these – high flying – innovators? The BCG report provides insights across 10 dimensions, profiling the participants in 3 levels according to their “innovation strength”:


You can download the full report here & view an expanded treatment of the subject here. If you prefer an online & interactive version just click on the image below:


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