The 5 elements of great Marketing!

How can Marketeers boost their precision, broaden their scope, move more quickly and tell better stories?

Science & Technology have permeated marketing for decades! Whether it was mainframes back in the Mad Men era, TV & Radio ratings during the 70s, 80s and 90s or the recent advent of Full Advertising Technology Stack Platforms & Big Data for the new age of Digital marketeers, they’re definitely here to stay…

The rapid & ever accelerating speed of change, directly tied to the “Internet of Devices & Consumers”, along with the onslaught of direct measurement it brings, poses a potential threat and a clear question for advertisers & marketeers.

Can marketeers deliver great Marketing amidst the ongoing performance pressures & technology overload they face?

A recent McKinsey report examines this question and provides a potential path to … “Marketing Nirvana” in the face of 5 elements which can be used to catalyze great marketing. Without any further delay here they are:

GreatMarketingCatalysts01 GreatMarketingCatalysts02 GreatMarketingCatalysts03 GreatMarketingCatalysts04 GreatMarketingCatalysts05

You can see the full analysis & additional details if you read “The dawn of marketings golden age” report.

As a further testament to the connection between science & advertising you can always browse through the 1923 (!!!) classic by Claude C. Hopkins called “ScientificAdvertising“. It’s one of my favorite texts and clearly shows that everything and nothing changed during the last century 😉


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