The mobile (R)evolution!

It’s here & It’s changing our Lives! Are you curious to find out the key drivers behind it, and get a glimpse at what the future holds for mobile?

There’s simply no denying it! The last few decades have seen a mobile paradigm shift swiping across all the facets of human life & activity.

“Mobile technologies have transformed the way we live, work, learn, travel, shop and stay connected. Not Even the industrial revolution created such a swift and radical explosion in technological innovation and economic growth worldwide. Nearly all fundamental human pursuits have been touched, if not revolutionized, by mobile. In less than 15 years, 3G and 4G technologies have reached 3 billion subscriptions, according to Ericsson, making mobile the most rapidly adopted consumer technology in history.”

This is just the intro to an excellent and thorough research paper from BCG titled “The Mobile Revolution. How Mobile Technologies drive a trillion dollar impact“. The key data behind the figures divulged come from 6 countries…??? It provides insightful information across the following dimensions:

1. The Mobile Technologies Growth Engine



2. The global economic impact of Mobile technologies


3. Mobile as a Growth engine for SMEs


4.Mobile technologies connecting & empowering consumers


5.The enablers of mobile innovation


Want to see the full report? Go ahead and click below to enter the realm of Mobile Technologies trillion dollar impact…


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