Put an end to Design anarchy!

“Design without discipline is anarchy, an exercise  of irresponsibility” – Do you agree? Are you curious to find out the “secret” formula behind one of the greatest designers of the 20th century?

These are the words of the late Massimo Vignelli, the genius behind such iconic designs as the New York City subway map, the logo of American Airlines and several projects for the likes of IBM, Knoll, Bloomingdale’s and more. (if you’re interested in his designs take a look at the Vignelli Associates web site)

Vignelli summarized his design principles and dogma, in a free e-book called “the Vignelli Canon“. Whether you’re an avid design fan or a casual reader, it’s definitely among the introductory texts on the subject, i would highly recommend.

Before you start creating your next powerpoint presentation or thinking about redecorating your house do yourself the favor and click on “the Canon” to witness the power of structure & discipline behind art & design!!!


The Vignelli Canon – click to open…


 In the words of Massimo Vignelli:

“I like design to be semantically correct, syntactically consistent, and pragmatically understandable. I like it to be visually powerful, intellectually elegant, and above all timeless.”

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