One step closer to our private holodeck?

Have you marveled at the Star Trek Holodeck? Wished you could create fictional / realistic environment at the comfort of your own home?

Then look no further because today Microsoft presented it’s HoloLens system, less than a week after Google announced it would be ceasing production of it’s Google Glass prototype.

Microsoft in no newcomer in the area of Mixed / Augmented / Virtual Reality, having several previous forays into the field – like the RoomAlive project shown below.

That’s yesterday’s news though – Let’s hail the “new era of holographic computing” as presented in the following HoloLens promotional video:


Mr. Spock would surely be impressed – although I’m still conflicted between his apparatus design vs the HoloLens… Which one do you prefer?






One thought on “One step closer to our private holodeck?

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