HEC Paris – Ideas !!!

One of the top business schools, presents key ideas, in this series of excellent, animated videos…

Combining leading business thought & knowledge with amazing visualization, HEC Paris has been producing some amazing videos! Take a look at the first 3, published ideas below:

#1 – How to bake a broccoli quiche? A view on Organizations

This animation movie is based on the book, La d√©sorganisation du monde (Le Bord de l’eau, 2013), by HEC Strategy Professor and director of the Society and Organizations Research Center, Rodolphe Durand. By drawing on examples from our everyday lives the film shows how organizations occupy our society and constitute a wealth of solutions and meanings. Understanding organizations allows individuals to play a role in economic, political and social change. As Rodolphe Durand tells us in the video: ‘Reorganize yourselves! Reorganize the world!’

#2 – Who owns the money? A movie on SRI

What if you were to ask your bank for greater transparency in the way it uses your money? In this second part of the HEC Ideas series, Diane-Laure Arjaliès and Afshin Mehrpouya, Professors at HEC Paris, call for citizens to mobilize and demand an investment policy from their banks, pension funds and other financial players that can contribute to building a more just and sustainable society. Watch the video and you will understand that if you want to change the world, the main lever at your disposal could be your money!

#3 –When paying doesn’t pay off – A movie on incentives

Organizations often see monetary rewards as the best way to motivate their employees. In reality, it’s far from being the case. Tomasz Obloj, an HEC Paris Professor, explains this in episode three of the HEC Ideas series. His research explores the impacts of bonuses that businesses fail to anticipate. If you’d like to find out how to incentivize smartly, watch this video!

You can view all of them below:


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