Top 100 Global Innovators – 2015

Everyone’s talking about innovation… Interested to find out who’s actually delivering? The results might surprise you!!!

Innovation & Disruption are rapidly becoming the 21st century buzzwords of choice 😉 As usual even though many “talk the talk” few are actually “walking the walk”!

The Thomson Reuters annual report on Global Innovators (now on it’s fifth year), reveals the “who is who” of global innovation and crowns the top 100 firms each year. The following video provides a quick overview of how the report is compiled:

But enough talk – let’s now take a look at the top 20 for 2015:

innovation-top20Not necessarily what you’d expect…

The full report contains additional insights and analysis – a personal favorite of mine is the geographic breakdown, of those who make up the top 100 list.

innovation-top20-geoCheck out the full report by clicking on the image below and make sure to visit the Top 100 Global Innovators web site to check out an interactive version of the index.



2 thoughts on “Top 100 Global Innovators – 2015

  1. Interesting, BUt Uber, Airbnb and Netflix is not included in your vision of Innovation? It is normal ? you dont think that those companies are innovative? 5 years to evaluate innovation in the digital world seems a long term evaluation..

    • Excellent point!!! I guess it boils down to the definition of Innovation used by Thomson Reuters to compile the report… Indeed 5 years is a long time, but to some extend it reveals who’s creating important building blocks for the world to use.

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