4 steps to Programmatic Profits for Publishers!

Do you consider yourself a Digital Publisher? Have you heard of Programmatic? Eager to see how it can increase your profits?

Programmatic is taking the digital advertising world by storm. Even though it’s still considered the “new kid on the block,” it grows at tremendous pace and gradually permeates all advertising channels (programmatic radio marketplaces are already old news & TV is next for the taking…)

I’ve personally been living & breathing the stuff for the last couple of years and have repeatedly blogged (“Is programmatic buying the next digital advertising super hero?”, What changes does Programmatic Advertising Bring”) & presented about it, trying to clarify what it is and how it can be used to one’s benefit.

Seeing the Boston Consulting Group producing a report (commissioned by Google) on “The Programmatic Path to Profit for Publishers“, reaffirms the belief that Programmatic is here … NOW!!!

The report first exposes the intricacies & complexities Digital Publishers face when they initiate their Programmatic journey. It is “elegantly” captured in the following diagram:


It continues by revealing a – well known among Programmatic practitioners – secret that currently plagues programmatic activities. The new – automated – way of trading, still requires a substantial element of human effort, which is currently not being put – to a substantial extent – towards value creation. How substantial you ask? The answer in the following diagram:


Finally it concludes by providing 4 concrete suggestions to break this knot & move further in the path of profit generation through Programmatic.

  1. Apply a Cross Channel, Data-Driven strategy

  2. Segment and Match Inventory with the right Buyers

  3. Assemble the right Technology

  4. Build strong go-to-market & Analytic capabilities

Read all the details in the full report.




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