The Internet of Things (IOT) value will be 11 trillion USD in 2025!

Want to learn which domains it will transform and move past the hype to the actual value it brings?

“By blending physical and digital realms, the Internet of Things (IoT) vastly expands the reach of information technology. The myriad possibilities that arise from the ability to monitor and control things in the physical world electronically have inspired a surge of innovation and enthusiasm. The sweeping changes that IoT can bring to how companies manage physical assets, how consumers attend to their health and fitness, and how cities operate have also inspired visions of a very different future, as well as a good deal of hype. “ reads the latest Mckinsey Global Institute report called “The Internet of Things: Mapping the value beyond the hype”

We’ve heard the term & witnessed the excitement – and inevitable exaggeration & hyperbole which comes with it. After the dust has settled, what we need, in order to properly assess the opportunities at hand are:

Clearly understand the domains of application / value creation


– The means to quantify this value.

The report provides detailed analysis per domain of application. Take a look at IOT impact in the retail environment

IOT_exhibit02and subsequent quantification of the generated value


The report answers to all these & more providing a compendium of IOT documentation in what is – in my mind – an essential tool for anyone interested in our guaranteed IOT future 😉

Click on the image below and feast your eyes on the full 144 pages document.


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