Pagani = art + technology combined

See Horacio Pagani present his life story & learn how Leonardo Da Vinci influenced him…

Pagani makes one of a kind supercars and it’s no coincidence that its being led by an exceptional individual Mr Horacio Pagani. Take a look at a very interesting interview, where he discusses, among others, how Leonardo Da Vinci influenced him, the connection between technology and art, his life lessons from racing legend Fangio, why the Gulf war affected both the military as well as the luxury cars industry and how he started Pagani!

And since driving, let alone owning one is an elusive dream for most of us, see what driving a Pagani Zonda or Huayra feels like – courtesy of Mr. Chris Harris.

First let’s take a look at the older of the two – the Zonda:

And now it’s time for an in depth review of the Huayra:

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