IKEA 2014 catalogue does Augmented Reality

IKEA has already toyed around with Augmented Reality as part of its 2013 catalogue. It’s original venture into AR provided readers of the catalogue with additional content on their smartphone / tablet when they scanned the product pages.

This year the concept graduates to a whole new level. The process is simple:

  1. Download the latest application for Android or iOS
  2. Scan the product you’re interested in from the catalogue
  3. Toss the actual (analog) catalogue in the room where you want the product placed
  4. Use your smartphone / tablet in conjunction with the catalogue (presumably now doubling as an AR marker) and presto
  5. You can see the item you selected embedded in its – potential – future surroundings

Not sure what technology they have used but if you’re interested in the concept and want to quickly try something similar yourself take a look at what the guys at Aurasma are doing.

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