5 keys, to Building a Genius Brand

Of the 2,303 brands L2 ranked in 2017, only 94 earned the title “Genius.” What sets them apart?

L2 benchmarked the digital performance of over 2,000 brands in 2017, but only 94 earned the title of Genius. These brands range from independent and emerging brands to corporate monoliths with decades of earned brand equity. While no two Geniuses have the same digital strategy, this year’s investments played into a handful of key themes including personalization, streamlined paths to purchase, and strong e-tailer merchandising.

The 5 keys to building a genius brand are

  1. Getting Personal
  2. Making it Easy
  3. Facilitating the Hand off
  4. Investing Strategically
  5. Going back to the Store

Learn more about them in the following video

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