Analyze this … Programmatic!

Still trying to figure out the benefits, changes & challenges Programmatic brings?

By now almost all (digital?) advertising professionals have heard & probably talked about programmatic. However the consensus usually is, that it’s true essence remains elusive. Regardless of the onslaught of articles a lot of people still don’t feel that they’ve uncovered it’s true meaning & potential.

I’ve personally blogged as early as 2013, with an initial series of explanatory posts on it’s definition, benefits & challenges ( see Is programmatic buying the next digital advertising super hero? & What changes does programmatic advertising bring? )

On September 23rd 2015 AppNexus & WARC released their latest global research with the participation of over 1000 respondents handling over $100 billion of advertising spend annually. Let’s quickly glance through the key insights on how professionals currently view programmatic.

To get started let’s see what people think of programmatic in term of it’s significance in the future of digital advertising

programmatic_01It’s quite clear that the industry is quite confident that Programmatic is here to stay and will play a significant role in our future endeavors.

Turning our sights on agencies what are the key capabilities to becoming a successful player in this brand new world?

programmatic_02As we all know there are still several hurdles & challenges hindering the full adoption of programmatic – care to know which ones come on top?

programmatic_03It’s not surprising that lack of knowledge on how it works still tops the list…

So go ahead and download the full report, including more detailed & interesting insights by clicking on the image below.

programmatic_04And if you’re interested in how Central-Eastern Europe compares to the global results take a look at the joint Tailwind & AppNexus research as presented during IceeFest 2015



I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject & answer to any questions regarding programmatic!

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