The next 1000 days in Advertising

Is it possible to take a peek 3 years ahead, and predict the future, in an industry that changes on a daily basis?

The answer to that question Рslightly paraphrasing one of my favorite scenes / quotes from the movie Interstellar  Рis:

“It might not be possible but it is necessary!”


IAB UK also seems to think so. Since 2012 it established the Future Trends Working Group with a clear mission to “shine a light on the path ahead in terms of the impact of technology changes on advertising and media businesses”. Since then the group has prepared a total of 11 white papers (the most recent one published March 2015), covering a wide range of topics. Here the full list of volumes so far:

Volume 1 –¬† The Living Room of 2015


Volume 2 – Businesses of the Future


Volume 3 – Real time goes mainstream


Volume 4 – When mobile takes control


Volume 5 – The future of content


Volume 6 – Context and location


Volume 7 – The future of Social


Volume 8 – The future of Data


Volume 9 – The Internet of Things


Volume 10 – Back to the Future


Volume 11 – Future Threats




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