Scaling up Excellence

Let’s assume you’ve managed to uncover the Holly Grail of excellence… Is there a recipe which allows you to scale it? How do the likes of Pixar, Starbucks & GE make it happen?

Huggy Rao (the Atholl McBean Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources in the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University) and Robert Sutton  (professor of management science and engineering at the Stanford School of Engineering and a professor of organizational behavior, by courtesy, at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business) are discussing this very subject in their book “Scaling up Excellence”.

In a recent interview for Mckinsey, Robert Sutton provides a summary of their key findings:


If you’re interested in the subject you might also find their “Bad to great The path to scaling up excellence”  paper quite interesting. It walks us through seven methods, which help leaders to break the bad habits and open up the pathways to scalable excellence!

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