How to explain digital advertising lingo to 8 year olds…

Cookies, Programmatic, Viewability, Ad Exchanges, Audience Targeting, Ad Fraud are hard for professionals to understand – how could one explain them to 8 year old kids?

I’m a firm believer, that the current jargon used in digital advertising / marketing is simply a smoke screen, used by many to cover their limited understanding of the concepts ( I’ve discussed this in a previous post titled “Are you lost in the Labyrinth of Digital Advertising acronyms? Just Ignore them!!!” )

Ad Age’s excellent section “Explain it like I’m eight” tackles this very issue, providing both informative as well as hilarious moments for younger & older advertising and marketing aficionados!

Here’s the – up to date – list of topics covered ( Click on the icon to view the video ).





Digital Ad Fraud




Ad Exchanges


Audience Targeting


What do you think? Easy enough for an 8 year old to understand?

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