Why every leader should care about digitization and disruptive innovation!

Technology is entering and prevailing in all aspects of our lives, transcending our personal and professional activities. What’s the expected impact of this continuous digitization  & disruptive Innovation?

MIT’s Andrew McAfee and McKinsey’s James Manyika discuss this very topic in a recent interview. They subdivide their insights into the following topics

  • Disruption Everywhere – Technology is becoming an integral part in every imaginable economic sector & information digitization has moved far beyond mere text, numbers, images, audio and video.
  • The employment challenge – as Technology becomes essential to all economic activities it effectively rises as an essential skill for the new age workforce. As automation increases simply growing our economies will not guarantee a growth in available jobs!!! At the same time technology can power completely new business models & opportunities.
  • Claiming the prize – how can we leverage all the information & tools to create value…


You can view a transcript of the interview here

Are you witnessing this trend already? Have you devised a plan to address the three topics discussed?

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