Blurring the lines between real & digital space…

So, what happens when you mix reality and digital, creating a fusion of physical and virtual spaces?

The people at Bot & Dolly, a design and engineering studio have been doing that for a living. They’re the force behind some for the amazing effects we see in major cinematic releases. They recently produced the following amazing piece of cinematography called “Box“.

They use a combination of fully tracked robotic arms ( this is where their moving objects come into play) and projectors, utilizing the synchronized and accurate location information to do projection mapping of all the wonderful effects in the video!

It’s worthwhile to visit their media gallery and see more of their incredible feats…

It’s not a new concept or set of technologies but their interpretation oozes professionalism and has the polish usually seen in major Hollywood releases.

The overall approach is getting closer and closer to becoming a viable home proposition – I’ll return to the subject, in future posts (Sony’s take on the subject), with some examples of how this new home entertainment future looks like..

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