Meet the World Economic Forum 36 pioneering startups for 2014

weforum-logo.db90160d8175c5a08cdf6c621e387d18Since 2007, the World Economic Forum has been selecting an eclectic group of innovative & pioneering companies, using a rigorous process to designate each year’s “Technology Pioneers” .

The list for 2014 was announced yesterday, consisting of 36 diverse participants, covering a wide gamut of activities, from robotics & programming to genetics & bioengineering and everything in between.

The 2014 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers are: Adtelligence, Advantix Systems, Agios Pharmaceuticals, Airbnb, Alphabet Energy, AppNexus, BIND Therapeutics, bluebird bio, Bug Agentes Biologicos, Codecademy, Coursera, Cyberdyne, Data4,, D-Rev: Design Revolution , EcoNation, Foundation Medicine, GitHub, Jana, Kaggle, Kebony, Koemei, Lenddo, LiveU, Natera, Nest Labs, Oasys Water, OMC Power, Rethink Robotics, Second Sight Medical Products, Selecta Biosciences, SunPartner, SynTouch, TruTag Technologies, Viki and Witricity Corporation

You can download the 2014 Technology Pioneers brochure in PDF format, containing a brief intro to each company, and you can also watch a brief video introduction for most of them in the World Economic Forum YouTube video channel.

The one question still pending is “Which one is your favorite”?


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