CMOs & CIOs – “Why/How can we all get along?”

Our increasingly digital & technological lifestyle produces rippling effects, affecting all aspects of modern corporate activities. One of the most profound changes, it imposes, is in the way we need to think about, plan, implement & evaluate Marketing & Advertising.

At the epicenter of this (R)Evolution are CMOs & CIOs. And as history teaches us, whenever technology enters a “pristine” corporate domain, a tough road lies ahead, before the new equilibrium is reached…

We’ve probably all witnessed the clashes of technology as it “infected” production, sales & finance during the last few decades. We certainly had several “deja vu” moments of the ensuing need for proper translation between the opposing forces, importance of defining the basics before endeavoring in common projects and the inevitable understanding that patience & time are an absolute must to allow these newly “dictated” alliances to mature & stabilize.

The results of the latest research by Accenture, entitled “The CMO-CIO Disconnect: Bridging the Gap to Seize the Digital Opportunity”, should come as no surprise then. It’s essentially an X Ray of the status quo of this transition and offers several interesting insights. I urge you to download the full report and read it but I’m offering a snippet, which i consider as a key point.

  • CMO Frustrations

CMO Frustrations

  • CIO Frustrations

CIO Frustrations

These all look familiar right?

Assuming that we understand the “Why we need to get along” i would be quite interested to hear from you on cases of “How” this was/is accomplished!!

Inevitably both CMOs & CIOs are in it together for the long run. Their common path must be traveled, utilizing past knowledge but also taking into account the basic needs/goals that Marketing & Advertising need to address/achieve…

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