The next Outdoor/Digital Advertising hybrid?

Last summer i spent a few days in the beautiful & historic island of Ithaca in Greece. Rest assured i wasn’t thinking about work but rather enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Ithaca Greece

However at some point, during my tour of the island, i stumbled upon a sight that holds the potential to revolutionize Outdoor Advertising and fully integrate it with Digital at the same time! It doesn’t look like much at first glance…

Outdoor Advertising Ithaca Greece

Look at it a bit closer though and you’ll find this ingenious Digital / Outdoor Hybrid, worthy of the heritage legendary King Odysseus has bestowed to the island and its inhabitants.

Outdoor Digital Hybrid Ithaca Greece

Yes it’s a flyer (Printed), Yes it’s displayed Outdoors and Yes its “links” to a Digital property

That’s connecting the Real & Digital world Greek Style 😉

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